Wesley grew up in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands and from an early age was fascinated by the glint of gemstones. He was encouraged to be creative early on in life and his first attempt at making jewellery was at the tender age of 7.

Wesley first worked in fashion in the Netherlands before moving to Scotland in 2008 to broaden his horizons. Whilst working in IT by day he attended night classes in Jewellery at Glasgow School of Art for 2 years, going on to graduate from a full time course at Glasgow Kelvin College.

In his years of study, Wesley developed the traditional skills of a goldsmith as well as excelling in stone setting techniques and CAD.

“My work has elements which evoke memories of stained glass windows or of celtic art in some people, while others contrastingly, see industrial or mechanical forms within it. I leave it up to the individual to see what they will in my work. Personally my fascination lies in creating compositions of shapes and colours that work together and also by introducing kinetic elements which play with the stones’ ability to twinkle and sparkle more in movement. My working technique always applies the rule of form following function, for example the gold rivets on many of my pieces are there as an integral part of the structure, holding it together, they add a detail but their functionality is their primary purpose”.